The Sqy RDA
The Sqy RDA
The Sqy RDA

The Sqy RDA

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Meet The Sqy RDA.

The Sqy RDA has arrived and it couldn't have come at a better time. By fusing the design forces behind the #BestDamnDraw with Greg's Defiant genius, we have achieved something pretty spectacular.

The Sqy has a much larger capacity for more ubiquitous builds and a taller chamber to keep them cool. The added draw to the airflow is perfect in contributing to the #BestDamnDraw of this RDA.

Designed from the ground up to excel as a squonking RDA, it is one of the most pragmatic squonkers yet also a precision-based dripper in every respect. So whether you're using a SS Squonk pin or one of the included silver-plated copper 510 pins - dripping and squonking is a dream.

This top-loading RDA is equipped with a locking mechanism. Both sides of the independent juice wells bear a heavy slope which ensures your e-liquid is always channeled directly towards your wicks. Furthermore, the bridge between the two wells features a steep gradient with substantive height - so when you drip, your e-liquid is rapidly distributed to the juice well.

The included tool will make sure you clip your leads to the perfect length every single time. Dropping your coils into the post holes and tightening the screws is the entire install process and it's a breeze.

The Sqy RDA finally brings the best of both worlds to RDA enthusiasts and everything from building it to using it as your daily vape comes naturally, intuitively, and with an unbeatable draw. Welcome to the land of vaping bliss.

Welcome to The Sqy RDA.