About Us

99wraps LLC is owned and operated by Joel Bortz - founder of the Instagram account @99wraps. He began contributing to the vaping community as a coil builder on Instagram in 2014. He has built coils for vapers live at vaping conventions across the globe and he has also managed Influencer Sponsorship Programs for some of the most recognizable vaping brands in the industry - including Kidney Puncher, Marina Vape, Elysian Labs, Kilo E-liquid, Glas Vapor - to name a few. In 2019 he joined forces with an RDA designer par excellence - @BlueEyedGoon83 (AKA Shawn Hart and designer of the Goon RDA) to design and bring to market THE perfect atomizer to virtually guarantee an objectively excellent vape to all who use it. The result is the Rye RDA which unequivocally yields the #BestDamnDraw you've even known.


The Rye RDA is so named in loving memory of our dear friend Ryan Masa (@vape_rye on Instagram) who left us far too soon. He personified what it means to be a positively contributing influencer and he lead by bona fide example in everything that he did.